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Saturday, 27 December 2014

10. Boys over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers; A poor but very assertive new girl enters South Korea's richest school, effectively breaking all social norms and thus attracting the eyes of none other than Korea's richest chaebol heir and his friends F4.

This drama, was the second drama for me, fitting the episodes in between my final year of high school and a part time job. The cliche story line, warmed me up for a culture so different than my own. In hand finally helping slide me into a world of addiction and anti-social behaviour (due to the need to watch more and more dramas). However, one cannot mention a Min Ho drama without mentioning the LEE MIN HO. King of the Hallyu wave, this is a must watch for those wanting to know the ins and outs of Korean dramas that changed the scene.

9. Emergency Couple

Emergency Couple; a divorced couple reunite as interns at a hospital a few years on, its pretty predictable what goes down however the character development is beautiful. This drama for me introduced a serious Song Ji-hyo who happens to also be comedic in the variety show Running Man and a friendly Choi Jin-hyuk who is often painted as the antagonist.

It was definitely a drama that helped break me away from the teeny bopper romances that often had me daydreaming of a high school love like Lee Min Ho.

8. Sly and Single Again

Sly and Single Again, alike with Emergency Couple; a divorced couple who reunite through random circumstances and not only show a more mature love and a successful empire but bring a heartbreaking secret out of the closet from their marriage. 

I watched this drama purely for Lee Min-Jung from her role in Boys Over Flowers, however this drama introduced me to Joo Sang Wook as well, who is incredibly charming and every drama he is in he rocks. This drama kind of taught me the significance of marriage/funeral in a traditional setting in Korea, which is a huge culture gap. 

7. Roommate

Now, I'm not sure what you would call this; maybe a reality tv show/variety show? Roommate is a share house with 10-15 celebrities (idols, actors, actresses, martial artists, singers, comedians and models). Now, from previous dramas I already knew Seo Kang Joon from Sly and Single Again and Lee Dong Wook from Scent of a Woman. This show, got me into many other dramas and is essentially such a great asset for the spread of Korean culture.

There are two seasons with cast members from idol groups: 2ne1, EXO, SNSD, Orange Caramel, KARA, 5urprise, Got7 and G.o.d. This show is so carefully edited as it takes you through the realistic schedules and personalities of some of Korea's up and coming/prominent entertainers. From Se-Ho and Nana's love, Dong Wook and Bom's shortlived fling to Jackson and Young-ji's highly approved romance and Min-woo and Kang Joon's bromance. This show has it all.

6. Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince; a drama loosely testing the boundaries of the haiku on homosexuality in Korean entertainment, Yoon Eun Hye effortlessly plays a tomboy who is mistaken for a gay man and thus awkwardly attracting the cafe owner. A romance enthuses however, her true gender is kept quiet til the end.

This drama has one of the hottest makeout scenes in drama history and pretty much kicked off Yoon Eun Hye's successful hallyu career.

5. City Hunter

City Hunter; Lee Min Ho is sexy and he fights, thats all you need to know right? Oh and the fact that these two co-stars romance went off screen too, thats an extra 'watch this drama now' incentive. But for reals, this drama makes you swoon for Lee Min Ho especially with his kissing skills and what not.

This drama proves Lee Min Ho to be the king of hallyu which is probably why I dont even need to write a bio. A lot of references however, from other dramas Min Ho has been in are made throughout so be out to see those.

4. Birth of a Beauty

Birth of a Beauty; this drama is still going (27/12/2014) however, the story line of the ugly and fat wife being killed off by her psycho husband only to have survived, gone through numerous amounts of surgeries and come back hotter through another identity, is this drama summed up. Joo Sang Wook's charm and Han Ye-Seul's beauty puts this drama in everyone's favorites list.

Not to mention the transformation result that is Han Ye-Seul, is a desire most average woman dream of.

3. My Love from Another Star

My Love For Another Star; an incredibly good looking alien, a diva of an actress and awesome kissing scenes = a successful Korean drama. I do admit, I did try to avoid watching this drama however I kept seeing posts about how great this drama is and the many awards this drama won, I was convinced. 

The character development in this drama is on point and the level of push and pull, keeps you wanting more. Not to mention, the romantic scenes were satisfactory. This drama left nothing to be desired other than more raunchy scenes, but even still, an amazing drama.

2. Its Okay This is Love

Its Okay This is Love: a psychiatrist and an author fall in love, tying along with the psychological coattail of this drama that does tend to be ridden. This drama symbolically and physically made me cry til ridiculous hours in the morning, the story line is beautiful and the romance almost becomes sadly unbearable.

This drama not only stands out for me because of the beautiful drama development, story and romance but for the English soundtrack.The OSTs that were chosen were magical, depending on how you interpreted the scene, the song fit that interpretation. For us westerners, it made this drama spooky to watch, putting The Bond and The Beautiful to shame. Well done SBS.

1. The Heirs

Lee Min Ho has a habit of taking the role of the typical chaebol or rich kid, however this drama has more heart involved as well. Identical to the plot line of Boys Over Flowers, Park Shin Hye's acting is flawless and the chemistry between these two co-stars is undeniable. 

The two leads (in the drama) first meet in California, where there are many English speaking scenes (yeah nah). But the bittersweet romance between Shin Hye and Min Ho, gave this drama numerous amount of awards (Best Kiss, best romance etc.) Not to mention, majority of the cast are Korea's best. F(x)'s Krystal has a featured role in this drama as well as Kim Woo Bin as the sidehoe. This is a more mature version of past high school Korean dramas and has me re-watching this drama over and over again.

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye very quickly became the broken floodgates into a world of 4am drama binges and obsessive screaming at the cuteness.